Ads good or bad?

The ads of this site are not annoying, do not block the visibility, do not open pop ups, the links are not redirected, it is safe remove your adblocker, this are the things that you will see around this site:

1.- Google Ads,  if you use adblocker  you might notice there is a code that asks the removal of it (only shows if you have one active), the site doesn't generate as much as before and that is because most of the people block ads, my google ads are not intrusive there are not annoying pop up's, please, white list Scruffydragon page in your adblocker and the removal code won't bother you, this cost you nothing, by printing there is revenue and by clicking it generates cents, you can help here expending a few seconds of your time and it is free.
2.- PlayAsia Banner, honestly this one doesnt generete anything I keep it because I like the cool graphics of games and give the site some color.
3.- Entertainment Earth Banners, this ones only generate if you buy something in their store  and gives a percent depending of the total of your purchase, it only works if you click the banner and then buy something in the same browser session.
4.- Paypal Donate Button,  if you have a paypal account you can donate any quantity you feel like there is not minimum or maximum.
5.- Patreon, Popular tool  used to finance projects, almost the same to paypal, it has a reward system according to the goals I set from amount of money  collected.

I talked about motivation and promise using the income to self-sutain the site, amainly is to fund my own projects... as retribution  if you donate then you have a say on what I work and this are the my projects elegible in case you have that power:

1.- DvsM phase 1 finish as how it was intended, with all the stuff properly updated, fixed and completed to Mugen 1.1 version and using all engine features I am not planning the use of frontend, or molebox it,  my objetive is have a well balanced mugen version, not just a compilation of characters with matching portraits.
2.-  Pocket World DC I have the new version for Mugen 1.1, all updated and with the new features and proper resolution for modern PC,  it will be released if I see movement at least on the google ads revenue.
3- Pocket X-men Mojo World, I 'll detail more of this project in another article is still in progress and I need more sprites.
4.- Those are my main projects, but I do not feel limited to them, I can do other things and update other characters that are not covered within these but there are exceptions*.

Let me be very clear about something, none of the previous creations or stuff from another people that were on the ScruffyDragon team is being monetized, all the old downloads are free and there is not links that block  the files, (there are ads on the pages but the purpose is the same as before keep the site self-sustained).

If the revenue goals are flowing I will make weekly reports, if I don't do that , and if you are my patreon or donator, you can demand it, yeah you read it right, you can demand for updates! otherwise SD policy remains.

Do I take commissions?, yes only coding and I do it how you want it, spriting just pocket characters, Capcom style is too much time consuming and even payed is a bit stressing to me, I only do it if I love the character and I really want it.  I only do sprite if by example a character that I am coding was not provided with some required frames or an animation that I might consider necessary, only then I will sprite capcom style.

I never know how much to charge,  for more specifics contact me directly.

*About some SD characters from other creators, there are some exceptions, as there are some of them that do not allow to modify their characters and those permissions are out of my control or patience to deal with them, you can commission me to fix them or finish them, but I will not release them under my banner and if you release them by your side  is like you fix them by yourself and you deal with their ego later,

Also I wont release or work on characters without the explicit consent of my co-creator or spriter, I can work on them as always for the love of it,  in this case you can rush me for coding it by donating, but they are not my priority if you expect them free you better get a chair,  since my co-creators do not care or are not available to help for finish them as the way they wanted there is nothing I can do.

All of this is about my personal stuff, as you can see I am not planning on finish  by example Wucash's old projects or something,  this is exclusive for my projects and DC vs Marvel even when I do not own it completely,  I never was the project leader, but I want to finish it  as a fan and because I was big part of it,  an active site and maybe some supporters will keep me motivated,  at this point the few "thank you" I get are not enough and sometimes people not even say that anymore,  that make me wants to go out and I dunno... kill pigeons, sooo..  save the pigeons!.

Feel free to comment below, flames and trolling will be ignored.