Why are not there releases?

Hey guys!! (and maybe girls)

If you hit this page is probably because I answered  to you with this link on any social media messege asking me about a release date of certain character, I  have answered that a lot of times, I decided to make a resume to keep everything together and so I dont have to answer again and again.

First, this is on the site rules that you can read them at full HERE, but this for what you came.

"4.- There will be only new releases when there is revenue  (the reasons of this will be expanded in another article), as for revenue includes, paypal or patreon donations, if you buy something from Enterteinment Earth or just by getting enough site hits for qualify in the google add program and get montly payment.

No goals, no releases, complains will be ignored, remember be civil all the time."

Because obviously 90% people think that mugen work does not deserve payment or donations, releases are attached for the revenue and for a good revenue (or anything at all) it requires followers and subscribers on the social media, thats why like 13 months ago from the day of this article I made this announcement with a promise:

Here is the link and  here is the screenshot:


At that time I had on youtube around 350-370 subscribers and facebook had around 450-490, I though was fair just duplicate the audience on each service and  at the time I thought that it was a do-able, and not in any way insane or a demanding goal.

And oh boy! what a mistake, the backlash did not wait,  I read lots of negative mainly from envious guys but sadly with influence (and who doesnt get influence if they spend 20hrs at day criticizing in all forums instead of do actual mugen work haha), both claim that I cant code or sprite, one openly charge money for "his" work and monetize links on his site with adfly full of malware, I am just asking for subscriptions thats free and doesnt cost you, apparently I am worst for that, and the other had not finished a character in like 6 or 7 years but yeeeah he is an authority hahaha, since I returned I finished 6 and counting, what a pair that bath themselves in purity, they probably fart clouds and rainbows, that I really doubt it,  one of them is morbidly obese like the guy in Austin Powers movies . 

Also read comments on various sites that only produce trash and want everything free without effort but had not issue on take the sprites and code later for their "work" or  they themselves host my stuff and get money from it with their site full of ads,  and finally a lot of boicots about my apparently insane demands, in fact in the analytics  I noticed  that one day a gang of like 15 guys unsubscribed  at the same time!!  I guess they were sending me some kind of messege (ಥ﹏ಥ).

Anyway.. I am a man of word, and I am sticking on what I said and I wont go back,  it doesnt matter if takes 10 years or maybe never to get those subs, if it doesnt happen or takes longer than expected it doesnt really affect me because I am not getting anything since the begining, if I were getting something and suddenly it started to lose subs then probably your "unsub boicot" might worked, you are not teaching me any lesson and infact only strenght my position, because people that did that  I think of  them as an ungrateful bunch,  and those guys doesnt understand that I dont work for them or for make them happy, this is my hobby and my fun and satisfaction cames when I finish and contemplate my work done, sharing its just the bonus.

For those that subscribed and being loyal for not unsubscribe,  I sincerily thank you and I am sorry that you are in the same sack, but 90% of mugen comunity had become into an animal that only consumes and thinks that creators work for them for nothing and I do not have any effective method to select the good guys from the bad ones.

This are the number for the release of Warmachine and Ironman:



of 1000




of 750

When I made this promise at that time Youtube politics allowed me to have revenue no mater the number of subscriptions, since last March of 2018 my channel require at least 1000 subs for get the benefit of ad revenue, curently there are not ads on youtube I am not requesting more or modifying the goal, as I said I always keep my word and I will release at 750 even when for now I require 1000.

After Warmachine and Ironman whats next? well I might complete Shard for public release or maybe I'll start to throw one of the DC chars, I will ask 1500 followers and subs for facebook and youtube respectively. (yeah right... I am such a dreamer (◕‿◕✿)) 

And talking about the DC characters:

I have explained various times that I am working on a FULL game, not planning on make single releases of the chars, as for reasons are the following:

1.- For save time and convinience the characters use shared files,  by example the FX  are on file called from fightfx.sff that contains the sprites and fightfx.air  has the animations, all the chars use the same, why?, because if I need to change something I just do it once by modifying  these files and do not have to go on and fix the 15-20 chars one by one to replace a single animation. This also apply to the common1.cns that includes some shared code and common.snd that as the name indicates has common sound.

If I wanted to make a single release, I will have to modify the code and add the missing stuff that is from the commons that takes me between a week or two of time that I am not willing to spend.

2.- As you might notice or noticed from some time already, I have disconfort for release stuff because of the treatment that my work gets (and also comments toward my person)  by example my chars gets selled or are monetized on other sites,  or get butchered by other pseudo "creators",  thats why if I release a game it is boxed in an EXE file to avoid easy takeover, I know is not infallible but at least make them work for it.

Methods to get the chars by not hitting the goal of followers and subscriptions:

1.- You work with me and you earn my trust (and thats not easy).

2 .- You pay for the invested time on your dessired char(s) as a comission, current cost for the DC chars go in a range around US$1000 to US$2000 each, yes I know just reading it, seems insane but I will explain with an anecdote.

One day a person PM  saying "ok I'll give you US$60 for 2 characters"".... (•_•)   well ,  I did not wanted to dignify that with a reply but for expand my point now I have to, 10 years ago when I was a student, probably I would have take them, but now I am man with a a real job, my extra time that I dedicate to a hobby is spended  exclusively for me and I am fine with that because I have not expectations of money, I am doing it for fun, but if you want my work and pretend to pay me, thats fine I'll take it, but I will charge for my time as how is deserved because I have a profession, I studied for being a engineer, just because mugen is free doesnt mean that my free time is too, if  I replied to you that I wanted $1000 or $2000 for a completed char,  the reason is that my time cost average US$20 for HOUR and I can go to the lowest that is US$10 for HOUR only if the work is ridiculously easy for me, I am flexible in that way, I also offer the promotion of US$100 for the whole week so I can adapt easier my time and work in your soon to be char. If you are not an enemy of math I think you can make numbers by yourself,  now you know thats the price of the time invested on the creation of a character could be more could be less thats the range, and believe me I know how much other creators ask for, and I am in the lower part of the spectrum, thats how it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯,  also I am sure if you invest on my time you wont leak that char,  because it cost you money and I am sure you wont want a bunch of parasites get free load from you ,also its like an insurance for me that my work stays on safe hands.

And before some keyboard warrior shows up  and start to rant here or post in his favorite mugen forum  "you cant sell it!!! mugen is free!!! DC and marvel chars are not yours blah blah blah, you'll get sue".

Well, I am not selling the brand or trademark of the character or even mugen, I am selling my TIME thats all, and if you dont understand it then sucks to be you, nobody is forcing you to pay, you just can wait when I want to release something...

Hope everything is clear, you are free to comment below and give your opinion remember to be civil, if you are an ass as always you will be ignored or called stupid, depends on my mood (¬‿¬).

See Ya!