Jill Valentine "updated"

This character was originally released around 2006 created by me, formely know as Magus. 

This character I have special care because I am big fan of Resident Evil and huge fan of Jill Valentine, in the original version it took me a lot of time to sprite edit custom moves for her and at that time I was taking my first steps as coder and I clearly remember having lots of headaches for making her move like I wanted, having some of her original moves from MvC3 and adding some other stuff, back in the day when the mugen creators (not the collectors) of that time only cared for "game accuracy" some look my version as blasfemy... pufffffft from what I care, this is mugen like in Burger King you do it how you like it... if I wanted to play as the original then I play the original game hehe.

Now in 2017 it was modified without permision by a portuguese guy that I wont mention the name.

In these days, if someone takes from me doesnt bother me like back in the day ( some of you might recall my rants),  since the rest of the team retired or semiretired (like me) we have seen this all the time, and is a lost fight from the begining, is useless to complain or point it out, they'll do it anyway, but then I think is reasonable that if I am still active then I have the right to take back my/our work.

I repeat, this is not the first time that someone modify someone else chars, but some of those people give credit or at least leave traces of who was the previous author,  it is the very least thing to do, specially when you dont have the balls to ask for permission

I am saying it doesnt bother me, but then the reason I am doing this now, is because the problem is the guy took his sweet time to delete from the original files the name of the original creator.... ME. Also I find weird the guy does promotion of the char over youtube and doesnt have problem in give credit to other chars or stages that appear in his video but not to me, so it makes me think it is personal.

Once again,  it is not the first time someone take from my work but it is the first time that I see someone fully erasing all track and written record from the files to make himself appear as the sole creator and not mention whastsoever who really did it on his readmes.

And that is bullsh.. so I am uploading this "update" into my server without the name of the "updater", restoring my ownership of the work I did on it,  lets hope it teach him a lesson.

So if you dont like it remember it is unofficial, there are some interesting things on the update, some other things that are full crap.

I modified myself this "update" making it have better compatibility  with mugen 1.0 that took me less than 30 min, and also restored the original palettes as sffv2.
Enjoy! or dont,  whatever..........

The original is still up, it does combo better if you are more into the versus capcom style.


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