Lobo update complete progress.

Lobo update for DCSH project,  this are the things were added

hper and mercy

- Updated to Mugen 1.0 /1.1
- Added a new idle pose and the crouch pose was animated.
- Added variation of pre- existing moves in Mr Hook, Air Frag! and more effects to the Fraaaggbomb!.
- Added new intros and winposes, and some tweks in the pre-existing ones, cameos of Santa Claus, Dawg, Lobo New52 version and Layla.
- Edited some sprites that use to had the left handcuft and others with palette issues.
- Replaced most of the FX and added blood FX to the Mr Hook move.
- Cleaned his old wav sound samples (hiss and loud bass removed)
- The Air throw now can be part of an Air combo.
- Added advanced guard and recovery rolls.
- Added new super move, Mr Knife. (it has 3 variations of speed and strenght).
- Added new super move, the Armory with 3 variations, Shotgun, Flame Thrower and Sparkgun.
- Some tweeks in all his previous hyper moves, damage, speed, and added some extra sounds fx for better immersion.
- Added 3 lever hyper move featuring an army of Dolphins, his daughter Crush (next to debut in Teen Titans #20 on sale 7/4/2018) and he finish the enemy with a trusty Minigun.
- A.I. mugen 1.0 style addded, but it is not perfect yet I have some troubles that I need to figure out for the Clones hyper move.

Sprites by Buyog with help of the former dcvm team on various sprites, new sprites by Scruffydragon.
Code originally by Buyog and this version is being updated by Scruffydragon.

Preview part 1
Preview part 2