The Joker update progress

Some backstory first:

As some probably recall, years ago I made a team up effort with Larramones and Jeff for a Joker character, the result was satisfactory, I am proud of the results, but one of the critics was the use of CvS sprites,  the reason of the critic is that in comparison with MvsC or StreetFighter alpha sprite style, CvS sprites are around 20% thiner or slender, this its ok for females or if you are making teenagers but for grow men the style clash a bit with other characters. Some months or maybe some years later Sic-1 came up with a new design, I personally liked his style more and it fits better into the cartoonish design of other MvsC characters, problem is that Sic's Joker lacks of special moves, voices, it has limited moveset, etc,  an area that our first Joker did not lack.

Back on the day  I suggested to merge both Jokers and create and "Ultimate Joker", using Sic's design with the resources of movesets and voices from our Joker,  that ended on  empty sack...... until now  :) .

I contacted Sic like a year ago when I started the developement of DC Superheroes game, and he finally agreed to lend his Joker to the cause and get it a good update as I planned years ago.

This was added so far to the Basic Moves:

- New palette and colors are separated, by example the bow doesn't share colors with the hair.
- "Hurt Stand" idle animated pose.
- Turn anim (stand and crouch)
- Animated idle crouch
- Added transition frames to moves like stand to crouch anim and starting jump/landing
- New Walk Forward and Backwards
- Run anim
- Added extra frames to the jump animation.
- Super Jump animation The Joker uses a pogo stick (based on AX's animated series style Joker)
- New guard/block animations (based on AX's animated series style Joker)
- All basic punches were replaced, now The Joker uses a pocket knife for punch based attacks, and a mallet for the air strong punch.
- The strong stand kick is new and it works as "launcher move".
- All Air kicks are new.
- Recovery from lie down animation.
- Recovery roll animation.
- Custom state sprites (Electrocuted, Burned, Iced and Stoned)

Click over the images to see the Youtube video with this updates:


Joker Basics Video

UPDATED 9/12/2018 added the Special Moves:

As said before this is a mix from Larramones, Jeff and mine Joker's, this specials moves were translated using new sprites(made by me) with Sic-1's Joker style.

- "Joker cards" move with 3 variants on the number of cards.
- "Trick Gun" move with 3 variants "bang" flag gag, boxing glove gag and regular bullets.
- "Joker Flower" with  3 variants, water gag, venom gas and acid splash.
- "Joker Teeth" with 3 variants of velocity and intensity of the bite.
- "Jack in the box" (actually a big boxing glove there is not jack hehe) again with 3 variants of distance and strenght.
- "Pie throw" it only works in the air and also with 3 variants of distance and intensity of the hit.
- "Buzzer" this work as a throw it has improved code and now the P2 state change to the electrocuted anim if exist in its sprites.

 From Sic-1 Joker I took these ideas and I just improved the sprites:
- "Joker Bomb" this one only works on the air again with 3 variants of distance and intensity of the hit.
- "Joker TNT ballons" 3 variants of this move it explode at different times and distance.


Joker Supers Video

That is it for the special moves, next time it is for the hypers.

UPDATED 24/12/2018 added the Intros, Winposes and Hyper Moves:

I think this is my first character that has lots of lots of intros and winposes, I did not recorded all on video, because they show at random and some did not want to appear hehe, also some have lets say the same animation but The Joker speaks a different voice taunt, I had a lot of audio samples to use and I did not want to left anything out.

- Special Intro and Winpose againts Batman (special winpose only appears after winning the match not the round).
- So far 7 different intros and some of them as I said with random voice over for taunting.
- So far 4 Winpose again some with variations of voice and 2 more Winposes that appear only after winning the match.
- Taunt it is the same form our previous Joker with Sic-1 design sprited by me.
- "Royal Flush" hyper move, the Joker throws everything he has at hand, even his underwear with explosive results.
- "Joker Toxin" hyper move, the Joker sprays his toxin gas if he manages to immobilize he will taun with a trick gunshot then a real big gunshot, using a big gun like in Batman movie from 1989.
- "Giant Buzzer" hyper move just a big explosion of electricity from his hand buzzer.
- "Death in the Family" hyper move, the Joker gives a beatdown to the P2 using a crowbar, a tribute to the classic comic scene where he murders Jason Tood.


Joker Hyper Video

This guy is taking a lot of effort, I will be back to work on him on January.

I am being descriptive of everything new that I am doing because some idiots think that this updates are only "me adding a new portrait and some new move here and there" they think I am taking property of the characters or "stealing them",  NOT ME as you can see in the list I did lots of new sprites, so far I am adding around 250 new sprites into what Sic already had done. (not counting FX).

I will updated this entry with more videos of progress until I finish the character.